About Us

What are we all about?*

*we think you’ll love it.

1. Having Fun!

More than anything, we want to make music lessons fun! Yes, we want our students to be a pro at their instrument, but that’s not the end goal. It’s likely that you want the same thing we do.

2. Being welcoming.

We have easy drop off and pickup. A spacious learning environment makes us a comfortable and inviting place for lessons. We are also conveniently located in the center of Manistee, close to downtown and schools.

3. Building relationships.

At the heart of River City Music School is a desire to build relationships with our students and families, treating them with warmth and care.

4. Being generous.

We believe music is for everyone. As a 501c3 Corporation, we are able to offer generous financial assistance for qualified students who are unable to afford lessons

5. Being good.

We know our stuff. We have developed our craft, and love to share it with our students. Our teachers are life-long learners and expert players and teachers of their instruments.

6. Getting out there.

Music is meant to be shared! We go out into the community to spread the joy of music.

7. Improving Lives.

This is where the rubber hits the road. Music has more benefits for a good life than we can fit on this page. But here are a few of the biggies: music strengthens learning and memory, raises IQ and academic performance, makes you happy, lowers stress, improves your health, boosts your creativity, confidence and MORE!

Our Teachers.

Carrie Selbee

Carrie Selbee

Piano Teacher/director

Hello! I’m Carrie and I am the director of River City Music School.  I also teach piano lessons.  I strive to be a better teacher to my students in every lesson.  Learning never ends!
Roger Tarczon

Roger Tarczon

Drumset Instructor

Roger brings a wealth of experience to RCMS. He is a master of drumming technique and he loves showing his students how to make a great sound on their drums.
John Applegarth

John Applegarth

Guitar/Bass Teacher

A passion for music and a love of teaching makes John a student favorite.  He takes time to really make sure his students “get it”.  His students love coming to their lessons!


Melinda Lise

Melinda Lise


Melinda’s love for children and music just shines through when she is teaching her Kindermusik classes.  She creates a happy and fun atmosphere for children in every class! Nothing but smiles!

Our Teachers.

Manistee United Methodist Church

387 First Street, Manistee MI 49660

Phone 231-233-9204